Management des projets collaboratifs innovants et Territoires
A PolyBridge® publication in partnership with the European Centre of Research for Financial Economy and Company Management (Centre Européen de Recherche en Économie Financière et Gestion des Entreprises (CEREFIGE)) of the University of Lorraine, France
PolyBridge® participated in the work of «Management des projets collaboratifs innovants et Territoires» (Management of innovating collaborative projects and territory projects) published by Nancy University Press in January 2018. PolyBridge® wrote the whole chapter called «La qualification des pistes de projets R&D insufflée par les Workshops de Médiation» (Qualification tools for R&D projects inspired by Mediation Workshops).
A PolyBridge® poster in partnership with the FIVES Proabd industrial group and the Universities of Strasbourg and Nancy
PolyBridge® is co-author of a technical poster called «Additifs Biosourcés pour le Reformage des Brais de Houille» (Biosourced additives for reforming coal pitch) which was presented at the congress of the Société Française de Génie des Procédés (French Society of Process Engineers) or SFGP, in June 2017 in Nancy. The poster describes an original industrial application for wood molecules (tannins, lignin) to obtain a pitch quality that meets the specifications of manufacturers of anodes used in the production of aluminium by electrolysis.
PolyBridge® publications in partnership with SpecialChem
PolyBridge® has written for various technical publications on additives for polymers and biomolecules derived from wood biomass. The publications are available online on the SpecialChem site. SpecialChem is a universal selection source company for chemicals and specialised materials that develops marketing solutions to help marketing specialists and developers accelerate their growth in the cosmetics, chemistry and materials sectors.